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writing blog is a form of self-therapy

From over 600 people questioned in a survey about bloggers and blogging, almost half of them writes online journals (blogs) as a form of self-help therapy, one third of them purportedly write about self-help and self-esteem topics.

When problems come, one third of participants seek help with family and friends, another third turns to blogs, either writing their own or reading about people experiencing similar symptoms or writing about same issues.

Now if you want to test that with your procrastination problems, feel free to contact me and I will establish your own blog for you here on Procrastination Help.

Stop thinking about yourself as procrastinator

You think you are procrastinator?

I have got news for you. You are not. At least, not in my book. And I urge you to think the same.

If asked to name ten things you don't procrastinate about at all, you might have problems coming up with five for the start, perhaps, but I'm sure, if you will give it a thought and time, you WILL FIND at least 10 things that you never procrastinate about.

Guess what. If there are ten things you don't procrastinate about, you can't be procrastinator. Oh yes, you procrastinate about this and that, but there is a firm core that proves you are a productive person indeed, and one you can build upon.

[humor] the only method to really manage time

The only way to manage time that really works is with your watches.

You are the boss here. You manage the watch-hand on analog watches. You are the one who has the power over batteries and setup on digital watches. You can remove the batteries and make the time stop.

On some types, there is even a setting to make your watch go quicker or slower. (And that's the time management the way many would like! Too bad, you can only make your own watch go quicker, not the watch of your boss or supervisor.)

While the above might sound as an overstatement, I'm not making fun of you. There in fact is no time management. We can't manage time. We can manage our actions, though. Managing our actions shall be the main focus of the field that was given the name of "time management".

the Fight Procrastination Day and how I missed to celebrate it

So it seems I have missed the Fight Procrastination Day (September 7, 2005). After all, what would you expect from an author of website about procrastination.

Maybe I am wrong about that, but after short search, it seems to me, the Fight Procrastination Day is a creation of the Online Organizing web,  created probably with other aims in mind, yet purposelessly spread by other organizations and websites into what almost seems to be a day to officially celebrate.

One thing I know for sure, there is nothing to celebrate. Productivity day, great, let me have one. Relaxation day, absolutely. Day of joy, happiness and no work? Oh, yes, please. But procrastination day? Come on. To celebrate I have missed it, I will update the procrastination remedies section today.

[newsclip] procrastination by engineers to blame

The city of Decatur must wait another year for the widening Beltline Road southwest project, after three years of promises. The procrastination is to be blamed. I wouldn't be surprised if bureaucracy played more prominent role in the problem.

[newsclip] emergency kit procrastination

Alameda Times Star writer Kari Hulac writes about procrastinating with an emergency kit preparation. It seems everybody is leaving that up until something happens. (The site has a stupid pop-up ad, be warned.)

Speaking about current disasters, we support the efforts of the Bilbo family and their web on  Restoring New Orleans, especially through our other web projects.

complete remake of this web

For the second time in a short time span, this web was completely rebuilt. First time, it was just redesign, second time (today) it was converted from plain html to dynamic web, being powered by a powerful content management system.

Sadly, the content is still old and not that interesting. That's where the point of the new redesign and CMS implementation lies: while it was a horrible job to add or change content previously, with the new technology it will be more of a fun and rather easy. The old content is included mostly for the continuity to be preserved, while adding the new, the old will be continually rewritten, restructured, etc.

old news blog

I will start the first entry into the new blog by pointing out that there was an old blog in the past, not sure if there was something worthy in it, probably not, after all it was just a news commentary, similar to what this blog will be. Nonetheless, to preserve the continuity, here is the link to those old posts.

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