Stop thinking about yourself as procrastinator

You think you are procrastinator?

I have got news for you. You are not. At least, not in my book. And I urge you to think the same.

If asked to name ten things you don't procrastinate about at all, you might have problems coming up with five for the start, perhaps, but I'm sure, if you will give it a thought and time, you WILL FIND at least 10 things that you never procrastinate about.

Guess what. If there are ten things you don't procrastinate about, you can't be procrastinator. Oh yes, you procrastinate about this and that, but there is a firm core that proves you are a productive person indeed, and one you can build upon.

You know how many procrastination cases start? People have this thing they don't like. They put it off. Some other related things wraps up to it through time. They will think "oh, I'm such a procrastinator, I never get anything done". Soon they are paralyzed and don't anything done (almost).

That's just bad thinking. It can be cured, together with the procrastination.

Fix your attention towards the positives. Think about things you like to do, about things you never hesitate doing, as much as you can. Admit that indeed you are a productive person that has just a little problem with occasional procrastination (who doesn't?).

Together with the change in your attitude, you will soon start observing positive changes in your productivity.