by Tony Blyth

Oh, how I procrastinate,
I wait and wait and wait and wait
The weathers' fine it's much too hot
It's raining now the day is shot

I think I better leave my work
To go and have a little shirk
Tomorrow is the perfect time
To ring up all those clients of mine

I'll start the day at half-past five
Boy! will I show them who's alive
I'll sit right down beside the phone
And ring my finger to the bone

But wait! Tomorrow Friday's here
My clients will all be drinking beer
If I should ring on such a day
I'm bound to turn them all away

I'll tell you what I think I'll do
I'll start on Monday, wouldn't you
Of course! That makes a lot more sense
That way they can't all take offense

And in the meantime I can plot
A way to make my prospects hot
Aha! I think Ive got it beat
This time wasting I will defeat

Sometimes I worry far too much
'Bout letting time slip through my clutch
'Cause all I really need to do
Is see it from a different view

Thanks to Tony Blyth for allowing his poem to be published here.