Just thinking

S'weird, isn't it? I mean this problem of chronic procrastination. Sometimes it feels like you're the only one infected with the bug, and everyone else around you is being nice and productive and of sound mental health while you're sitting in your chair reduced to a semi-catatonic state by indecision, shame and sheer inertia. It makes me ashamed to be around productive and disciplined people, who are legion. I'm ashamed to even look myself in the eye when faced with a mirror. It's weird, because procrastination is a sort of paralysis, and beating myself up over it results only in more paralysis...so much for that.

Well, er, that's just a bit of an intro. Hello to all of you. I'm Moira, and I've got a problem with procrastination. Still learning stuff from this site. Hope it'll kick me into gear.

Nice to meet you all.