The Have-Done List

You know how time management gurus recommend coming up with a to-do list as a way to curb procrastination? My friend came up with this idea: a have-done list. Sure, you can draw up your to-do list (although my friend suggests keeping it to just three items at first, so it won't look so daunting), but then keep a scrap of paper or better yet a notebook handy in order to record the things you HAVE done. It's like a record of accomplishments, so you don't keep feeling like a useless lump of organic material. I tried it, and I have to admit, looking over my have-done list felt better than moaning over my vaguely accusing to-do list.

My friend isn't clear, though, if I should put "sharpened all the pencils in the office" or "had three coffee breaks," but I suppose not. I think the point was that it doesn't help you if you keep seeing yourself in such a negative, generalized light ("oh, i'm a procrastinator"). And there's the list to prove it, too.