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S'up? - I just read an article online before arriving at this site entitled: "The Problem of Procrastination" and I must say there were a lot of helpful insights in it. Under the 'type of procrastinator' list, I recognized myself in several of the descriptions. One I think has to do with fear: the fear of not doing something is not as great as the fear of doing something that we're somehow conflicted about. A for instance is I'm a singer that finally got around to making a demo (after a few years of procrastination I might add), got some photos, and now in the final stages is taking forever to finish the printing, burning CD stages. I distract myself by going shopping, make excuses that I don't have the money, etc. etc. when basically - it's some sort of fear of success. It's weird. The other thing that was interesting in that article is that there are three catagories of tasks: urgent/priority; non-urgent/priority; and urgent/non-priority. Of course there is non-urgent/non-priority, but to a procrastinator that's so far off the map it doesn't even heed an honerable mention. My toughest is the non-urgent/priority. Things that if I did them would probably have the biggest impact on my long term happiness. Any thoughts? - a time line perhaps of smaller, dated steps maybe.... but then again I'm the queen of charts and lists, again it's a distraction from the "doing". Ah well, there's always hope... Aivey