I procrastinate more and blame only myself for it when:

Getting Out of Your Own Way

Joseph Bennette, anxiety consultant in Salem, Oregon, published an article in his newsletter on how to deal with self sabotage (republished here with permission):

Getting Out of Your Own Way

For most of us, the biggest problem we have in manifesting what we want is ourselves - we get in our own way. I think I know what I want to do, yet I find myself thwarting my own efforts - self sabotage. What’s more, I find myself judging myself for all that sabotage saying, “It’s my fault. I didn’t do what I was supposed to do to make this work.” blah, blah, blah.


by Tony Blyth

Oh, how I procrastinate,
I wait and wait and wait and wait
The weathers' fine it's much too hot
It's raining now the day is shot

I think I better leave my work
To go and have a little shirk
Tomorrow is the perfect time
To ring up all those clients of mine

I'll start the day at half-past five
Boy! will I show them who's alive
I'll sit right down beside the phone
And ring my finger to the bone

But wait! Tomorrow Friday's here
My clients will all be drinking beer
If I should ring on such a day
I'm bound to turn them all away

New Here

Just have a minute before getting ready for work. Wanted to say hello. I just found this site this morning. Sure could use some help with my procrastination! I am 51 years old had have always had a problem with procrastination. I look forward to learning how to navigate this site.


New and better discussion forum

New and better discussion forum was added recently. Put it to your use!

Get the procrastination troubles off your chest. Just share it, it will make you feel better.

And if you have accomplished something today, post too, for an imaginary "pat on the back" from other members.

I will be even happy to create a special "pat on the back" and "get it off your chest" forums!

And if you got some question...- that's what for the board is for!

Just say NO. It will help you regain the power and win over procrastination.

In the past, every now and then I was too warm-hearted and let people persuade me to take jobs I hated. From full-time jobs when I was looking for employment, to small contracted job when I was self-employed. It always had a fatal effect on my life. I couldn't do these jobs, I couldn't do other things, my life seemed to stop, everything got freezed and nothing done. I knew that would happen, but I still said YES. I was saying yes way too often. But I have learned. So should you.

Saying NO in the right time, can save you hours, weeks or even years of lost time. It can help you move away from things you hate to things you love, from procrastination to productivity, towards better and more enjoyable life.


Motivaider is a small electronic device, simple by design and functionality, yet amazing by by behavioral change and results accomplished. Brainchild of Dr Steve Levinson, it is manufactured by Behavioral Dynamics Inc. (founded in 1987, Motivaider being their main product and passion).

Procrastination directory just started

Just started the procrastination directory.

In case you plan to submit something and are not the owner of submitted website, it will ask for your email address anyway, which you probably don't want to input. So just input anything @procrastinationhelp.com. It's a problem with that script, that I hope will be fixed by authors soon. The email adresses are not used for anything, after all, than to send a notice about approval.

Hope it will grow and grow and grow....


first of all

be of value to all the visitors here!

Procrastination help news - November

It has been few weeks since I have written anything. So here are at least the news as of what is being cooked in the  Procrastination Help kitchen:

  • Humor section is being worked on to move it a level up
  • an information and correction as to who is the originator of procrastination day
  • Stop Procrastination with Huna - how to use the knowledge of powerful and wise Hawaiian shamans, Kahuna, to take control of your life and repel the procrastination problems. Now this is something I am proud of - or at least I will be once it is published. It will be a free online mini-book. For sure, it will not cover Huna, it will only offer the recipes, methods. I will also do my best so that it doesn't interfere with any religious beliefs people visiting here might have, so I will attempt to remove all the spiritual information behind and just keep the working techniques.
  • review of Life Balance outlining software, and a template for it
  • I would also love to revive the idea of giving free blogs here to procrastinators to use as a "therapeutic" tool and look what I can do with the discussion board to resuscitate it

Problems arising from procrastination

- ruined carreer and marriage

- bankrupted businesses

- schools not finished and master thesis not written

- health problems due to not visiting doctor or taking medications prescribed

-  .....


Let's stop here, right? At least for the moment.  I'm sure people could tell horror procrastination stories.......  But let's don't be focused on negativity that much.

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