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Please find here reviews or procrastination, productivity and time management related books. I am thinking over how to extend the functionality so that visitors to this web can add their own book reviews as well. At the moment, it is possible to leave comments for the books that are already reviewed. You can also use the feedback form to send your review for publishing, or to request other books to be added. Discussion forum on this web is another place to leave your comments and reviews.

You are procrastinating mostly because of

complete remake of this web

For the second time in a short time span, this web was completely rebuilt. First time, it was just redesign, second time (today) it was converted from plain html to dynamic web, being powered by a powerful content management system.

Sadly, the content is still old and not that interesting. That's where the point of the new redesign and CMS implementation lies: while it was a horrible job to add or change content previously, with the new technology it will be more of a fun and rather easy. The old content is included mostly for the continuity to be preserved, while adding the new, the old will be continually rewritten, restructured, etc.

Procrastination tests and diagnosis tools

While you will find no procrastination test on this website, we offer you links to procrastination tests elsewhere:

Measure your procrastination

Procrastination test at

Please let me know if you find more or better procrastination diagnosis tools.

old news blog

I will start the first entry into the new blog by pointing out that there was an old blog in the past, not sure if there was something worthy in it, probably not, after all it was just a news commentary, similar to what this blog will be. Nonetheless, to preserve the continuity, here is the link to those old posts.


This page was made obsolete by the recently added Book Reviews section. It will be changed soon to fit to reworked design of this web.

Reviews of procrastination books:

Mastery by George Leonard

if you have something to say to any procrastination related book, don't hesitate to post your review here on the discussion group 

also see short list of time management books


Procrastination books - Amazon powered bookshop, sadly without search capabilities, but browsable by alphabet, includes all the books with procrastination word in the title or description. 

Time management gurus

Time Management Gurus

David Allen is the man behind "Getting things done" method and the book of the same name. If you can't afford to go to his seminars, at least the book is a must-read. Discuss GTD at Time management forums.

Alan Lakein - the father of time management. Quoted from his website: "Time Management was invented in 1968 by Harvard M.B.A. Alan Lakein. " His time management book called "How to get control of your time and your life" sold in over 3 millions copies, and young Bill Clinton was one of the readers. Lately he has been teaching time management course at Rushmore, since 2004. Also see the Alan Lakein discussion board on Time management forum.

Stephen Covey is the author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Many people follow his way of thinking, others merge it with David Allen's GTD, some don't like it that much. Definitely at least read his book.

Time management books

Time Management Books

"Getting things done" from David Allen

"Seven habits of highly effective people" from Stephen R. Covey

"How To Get Control Of Your Time And Your Life." by Alan Lakein


See our time management book store

Time management

Welcome to the Time Management Guide on the Procrastination Help web. Just started in June, it is slowly growing.

Time management gurus - people like David Allen, Alan Lakein, and others that I consider experts and innovators in the field.

Time management training / seminar / course - list of known public seminars

Time management software - some of the best programs used to manage our time

Time management books - best books for managing our time

Time management tip - collection of various tips and tricks
Time management techniques -

Cure to writers' procrastination

Do you procrastinate about writing reports, letters, articles, books or plays? Can you imagine how many people didn't become bestselling authors just because procrastination? How many people would be much higher on their career track if only not finding the task of writing reports so intimidating?

Chances are, because of your motivation direction, it is much easier for you to correct mistakes than it is to start working from zero and keep focused while writing. Don't let your procrastination stop you.

Two things you can try:

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