Review of George Leonard's Mastery: Why resolutions fail? Role of the homeostasis

Why Resolutions Fail - and What to Do About It,, is the name of chapter 10 in a book "Mastery" from George Leonard.

Homeostasis is the tendency of a system, esp. the physiological system of higher animals, to maintain internal stability. If, for example, your body temperature moved up some 10% from your everage temperature, you would be in a big trouble - that is why the homeostasis working behind the courtains, is good system to have - it keeps your body in order. Homeostasis applies to psychological states and behavior as well as to physical functioning.

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Time management software

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Powerful software system that you have full trust in, and that you can utilize fully and in accordance with your personality, can have tremendous impact on your productivity. No software can solve procrastination issues nor deeply rooted time management problems for you, but again, it can help tremendously. The important thing is, to have all your tasks to do in just one system. More systems make for more confusion and less things getting done.

Above & Beyond is a powerful time management app, though a bit expensive. It has absolutely no competition in it's field - real time and dynamic planning. I like it so much that I am placing here a full article on how to implement the Getting things done approach to organizing your life with Above & Beyond. (Getting things done is a book and methodology by David Allen.)

Structured procrastination

will it help you overcome procrastination?

Structured procrastination is a term coined by John Perry. In his words, the structured procrastination is about using one character flaw (self-deception) to offset the bad effects of another (procrastination).

To put it simple: You have a task at the top of the list that makes you worry, but you procrastinate about doing it. Rather, it motivates you to do other, also useful, though maybe less important, tasks, as an excuse for not doing the unpleasant task at the top of the list.

Recipe against procrastination

Warning - this is more or less meant on a lightly note, perhaps as a slightly motivational article...

Procrastination is a rather serious issue. Various researches shown that, for example, up to 70% of students tend to procrastinate at least occasionally. Another interesting number was brought to attention in a recent research done by Tim Pychyl and Jennifer Lavoie - they discovered that 47% of the time spent online on the internet amounts to nothing else but work avoidance. Many people look for an instant cure for everything, but especially when it comes to procrastination, such a cure remains a distant dream. Procrastination can be a really tough nut to crack, as the word itself is just a non-descriptive label covering many possible symptoms and causes, often quite unrelated. In a hope that it will inspire some, I am offering a recipe from my anti-procrastination cuisine:

Quotes about procrastination

It is not enough to know what to do, you must do what you know. ~ Dr Robert Anthony

The biggest secret is not that the life is a process of discovering, but that of creating. You don't discover yourself, but you create. Thus don't care to find out who you are, but decide who you want to be.  ~ Neale Donald Walsch

Tomorrow is the day when idlers work, and fools reform. ~ Edward Young

Seize the day, put no trust in tomorrow.

Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today. ~ Benjamin Franklin

In delay there lies no plenty. ~ William Shakespeare

Putting off an easy thing makes it hard. Putting off a hard thing makes it impossible. ~ George Claude Lorimer

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review of MLO - My Life Organized - time management software and todo list

Attention: The program has grown by leaps and bounds recently, many new features were added. This review covers an old version, also screenshots come from the old version. Until I will update it, you are highly encouraged to also visit the MLO home page before making any conclusion - you will be nicely surprised. The old review starts in next paragraph...

My Life Organized is a bright star that recently emerged on the time management software market. It is very similar to Life Balance, yet the further steps will hopefully more active and there will be lot more features than LifeBalance has.

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