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I have found this document so valuable that I am placing it here for all procrastinators without functional time planning methods, to see. The original author is Simon from Psitek. Note that you can use the same approach also with TimeTo software.

version 1.0

(Feel free to pass this document around, or post it anywhere that A&B
users might hang out together - or feel free to email me for the
latest version. I find this approach has worked well for me so far,
so there's no reason why others shouldn't benefit from it also).

Easy procrastination cure

There is no magical pill to stop procrastination, off course. But this works for some people, and is unbelievably easy at first sight.

Just relax for a moment, let your thoughts settle down. Think about your tasks and goals.

What do you say to yourself when planning your day, when starting work on a new task, what is your self talk when thinking about all the things that you have to do today?

Is it:
I have to do..... I shall do .......
I must do..... I need to do.......
They want me to do......
I could try.......

What about making a simple change?

I WANT to do......
I WILL do......

The list of items to do might change sometimes. Some of them simply don't fit into the new sentence, into the "I want". Just let them disappear together with a big portion of your former procrastination problem -- if you can.

Academic procrastination resources

Procrastination is so often connected with the academic environment and students in particular, that many university counselling centres cover the topic specifically for students:

University at Buffalo
Carleton University
UIUC Counseling Center
CAPS UNC Chapel Hill
Academic Skills Center

About procrastination

Procrastination is the act of procrastinating, putting tasks off to a future, delaying, deferring, postponing, not getting around to tasks.

Synonyms: cunctation, shillyshally, dilatoriness

According to the Random House Webster's dictionary, the verb procrastinate has following synonyms:

delay, stall, play for time, temporize, kill time, dally, tarry, loiter, dillydally, dawdle, waste time, twiddle one's thumbs, linger, drag one's feet; put off action, defer, postpone, adjourn, put on ice, wait till tomorrow; hesitate, hold back, hang back, lag, bedilatory.


What is laziness? According to my dictionary, the definition for laziness is:
aversion, disinclination (reluctance) or unwillingness to work. (For further definitions, see also laziness on Wikipedia and on WordNet)

I don't think it must be necessarily work related, there can be many activities apart from work where the word can be used appropriately.

The decision to create a page dedicated to laziness on this web has simple reason: there are misconceptions as for what laziness really is. Mostly I am bothered by some people being called lazy, when in fact they are suffering from procrastination - many would so much love to be more active or work more, but they just don't seem to be able to make it.

Laziness in my book is something completely different than procrastination and these two can't be in any way mistaken for another. This page will list more articles about laziness and its connection with procrastination soon.

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