Procrastination and emotional peaks and lows

For many reasons, I have decided to start writing more. Not that writing has ever been my hobby, quite opposite, when having to write something, procrastination is all I usually manage in that respect for a long time. This time was different. Just the thinking about it got me pretty enthusiastic.

All seemed easy.

Strong drive to take action was present.

Then it went the wrong direction.

Instead of using that peak emotional state to do what was intended - to actually write something, I spent hours by looking for a cool writing software tool, by configuring it, by searching for nice graphics and icons to help with organizing the writing stuff, and, as if you didn't guessed that already, by planning all the things I will be going to write in the near and distant future.

The peak state went by, and never returned on it's own for next few days. Thankfully, I realized what happened right after (for procrastinator, awareness is an important quality to cultivate, there seems never enough of it).

Next time the enthusiastic state returned (not that one can't create it voluntarily, but that's not the topic for today), I'm sitting here by my notebook, typing away. The special program used for writing is still not completely configured (it's KeyNote freeware outliner, abandoned but cool), but I don't care. So are not the beautiful icons and graphics imported, and the setup on notebook is not synched with that on the desktop PC.

The urge I'm resisting, to work on configuration, plans, on the cool stuff, is STRONG. But the great feeling coming from the writing stuff happening, is still stronger.  Once the time will come and all will seem dull, I think the little child in me will become excited by the possibility to play (with icons, graphics, configuration, maybe trying some other cool software), and I will at least get a thing done in that time when usually little gets done.

When you are in peak positive emotional state, work on the most important tasks, on tasks that cost a lot of effort to get motivated towards. As opposite to when procrastination is at it's peak, for that time, save yourself the small playful tasks that are easy and you are naturally motivated to do. In other words, those that take more effort to not to do than to do.

Apart from saving that crucial peak time for the important thing, you will also realize that doing these easy things in dull times will often fire up your emotional state and get you going towards your goal. That means less procrastination. And that's the "vehicle" that can get you moving even on dusty roads full of potholes.