review of MLO - My Life Organized - time management software and todo list

Attention: The program has grown by leaps and bounds recently, many new features were added. This review covers an old version, also screenshots come from the old version. Until I will update it, you are highly encouraged to also visit the MLO home page before making any conclusion - you will be nicely surprised. The old review starts in next paragraph...

My Life Organized is a bright star that recently emerged on the time management software market. It is very similar to Life Balance, yet the further steps will hopefully more active and there will be lot more features than LifeBalance has.

It comes in three versions, the light being freeware - despite being free, it has all the features you will need to implement a simple, no-nonsense, system to manage your tasks and increase your producitivity. The two advanced versions are a bit more complex, but still not at the expense of usability and being easy to use.

MyLife Organized especially fits the GTD - getting things done - methodology as advocated by David Allen (highest recommendations).

For the time being, I will just publish two screenshots here that I belive are mostly self-explanatory, for more details go directly to the MyLifeOrganized homepage. Maybe I could find some time in the coming weeks to publish here a short manual on how to use that software most effectively (unless they will include something similar in their soon-to-be-published helpfile).


The outline view in the MyLife Organized (the right panel is the more interesting part to look at):


The to-do list view (with another view on the right panel):