Review of George Leonard's Mastery: Why resolutions fail? Role of the homeostasis

Why Resolutions Fail - and What to Do About It,, is the name of chapter 10 in a book "Mastery" from George Leonard.

Homeostasis is the tendency of a system, esp. the physiological system of higher animals, to maintain internal stability. If, for example, your body temperature moved up some 10% from your everage temperature, you would be in a big trouble - that is why the homeostasis working behind the courtains, is good system to have - it keeps your body in order. Homeostasis applies to psychological states and behavior as well as to physical functioning.

The problem with homeostasis is, it works toward keeping things the way they always were, not distinguishing if what is happening is change for better or for worse. It resists all the change. So, after developing the habit of procrastinating for some long years, it would do anything to keep you from being more productive.

George Leonard goes into detail of how to deal with homeostasis along following guidelines:

Be aware of the way homeostasis works.
Be willing to negotiate with your resistance to change.
Develop a system to support you in your change
Follow a regular practice
Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning

The book is about journey of mastery, written by a bestselling author with background in Zen philosophy and aikido. There is not much practical "how-to-do" stuff , but the broader concepts of mastery are an interesting read for someone looking to become a "black belt" in any area, and for people fighting procrastination especially.