Cure to writers' procrastination

Do you procrastinate about writing reports, letters, articles, books or plays? Can you imagine how many people didn't become bestselling authors just because procrastination? How many people would be much higher on their career track if only not finding the task of writing reports so intimidating?

Chances are, because of your motivation direction, it is much easier for you to correct mistakes than it is to start working from zero and keep focused while writing. Don't let your procrastination stop you.

Two things you can try:

1. Speak about the topic of your writing while taping it, have that tape transcribed or transcribe it on your own. At that moment, you are just some little time of making corrections away from your writing goal.

2. Just write something and don't care about the flow of ideas, about the logic, about text, only care that you write as much text as possible, shall it be paragraphs or standalone sentences. After that, improving, correcting and editing shall be just a piece of cake for you, in comparison to the unpleasant task of having to come up with something perfect instantly.