tools that will help you build habits

Habits are one of the keys to getting things done. There are a lot of tools out there available that will help you establish desired habits.

Example: Motivaider is a great tool that helps establish any habit, based on psychological research and powerful anchoring methods.

Example: Learning new things, like language vocabulary, and keeping it in memory, wasn't one of the tasks that I would consider easy nor attractive. Until I got hold of Fullrecall flashcard software, an application that keeps all the items in one database (no more the mess coming from keeping it in many places), and tests me everyday according to the schedulling algorithm based on the artificial intelligence that ensures a) highest possible retention b) as little time spent reviewing as possible. First, it became a habit for me to run the app everyday and it is easy to continue with that habit once established. Second, I am the geeky type and running something that has "artificial intelligence" built in satisfies my technical ego, despite I can hardly understand how exactly that algorithm works, I somehow feel great using such a tool.