Stop thinking about yourself as procrastinator

You think you are procrastinator?

I have got news for you. You are not. At least, not in my book. And I urge you to think the same.

If asked to name ten things you don't procrastinate about at all, you might have problems coming up with five for the start, perhaps, but I'm sure, if you will give it a thought and time, you WILL FIND at least 10 things that you never procrastinate about.

Guess what. If there are ten things you don't procrastinate about, you can't be procrastinator. Oh yes, you procrastinate about this and that, but there is a firm core that proves you are a productive person indeed, and one you can build upon.

the Fight Procrastination Day and how I missed to celebrate it

So it seems I have missed the Fight Procrastination Day (September 7, 2005). After all, what would you expect from an author of website about procrastination.

Maybe I am wrong about that, but after short search, it seems to me, the Fight Procrastination Day is a creation of the Online Organizing web,  created probably with other aims in mind, yet purposelessly spread by other organizations and websites into what almost seems to be a day to officially celebrate.

One thing I know for sure, there is nothing to celebrate. Productivity day, great, let me have one. Relaxation day, absolutely. Day of joy, happiness and no work? Oh, yes, please. But procrastination day? Come on. To celebrate I have missed it, I will update the procrastination remedies section today.

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